Millies cookies is a high street chain selling drinks and food especially cookies.

Millie’s cookies voucher codes
Millies Cookies discount voucherThere are a number of competitions you can enter and if you win, you get a free voucher. For instance, you may walk away with a years worth of cinema tickets or even greater offer as five hundred U.S dollars spending spree at Topman.

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Discount categories
Millies cookies offer discounts as per the quantity purchased by the customers and in various categories as the customers may choose. The following are just but some of the selected categories that you may follow under;

  1. Alcohol spirits and whiskies, wine and champagnes
  2. Art and collectibles (posters, paints and paintings, art and paintings, antiques and collectibles)
  3. Auctions (auction sites)
  4. Beauty and eye care (glasses and sun glasses, skin care, teeth whitening)
  5. Betting (financial markets, sports betting, lotteries)
  6. Babies (Baby clothes, maternity clothing)
  7. Computing (broadband internet, computer stores)
  8. Business among others


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